Saturday, March 21, 2020

Dancing, Meditating and Drawing.




Just three of the free online courses I've joined over the last week.

I've danced and sweat a WHOLE lot, with Ryan Heffington (@ryan.heffington) in his daily IG live classes. His song choice, including yesterday's Tracy Chapman's Fast Car, has been amazing along with his fun dance party atmosphere.

I joined Tracey Stanley's 21-day Empowered Wakeup course. Today I felt grounded from watching the recorded Zoom call I missed and I'm excited to wake up tomorrow morning to meditate. When was the last time I said I was excited to set an alarm?

Finally, my mom and I signed up to take a line drawing class together through  We're learning to draw and then watercolor buildings. This company is offering free classes through the end of March for anyone interested.

I'm just amazed by how generous artists and teachers, and really so many people have been, with their time and expertise in the past couple of weeks.

These classes help balance out everything else in these strange times. These activities help me to move my energy and shake it out of my body. They help to ground me to feel the certainty that's hidden in the chaos. They push that creativity inside of me that's ready to bloom. One way I'm already using it is by participating in the Slice of Life Challenge, but I feel I've got more to share.

Thank you to those teachers and to you all who are giving more. Especially stopping by to read this post. Are you taking any free classes currently? Exploring your passions with some extra home time? 


  1. As hard as this moment in time is, I think it will result in a renaissance of creativity. The classes you’ve joined sound fun. I’m in two writing challenges and have poetry writing coming in April. I have a home workout routine each day and haven’t missed a day of working out in 2020. Today was kettlebell. I’m also in the #shakespeare2020 challenge. Do keep blogging after March ends. I’ve been blogging since 2010.

    1. It sounds like you've finding great ways to move your body and tap into your creativity with writing too. I love that you're viewing it as a renaissance of creativity. I hope it's given people who've said they're "busy" to find time to enjoy those creative outlets more.

      I've been blogging for a long time too. I have several different blogs but hadn't used it for a while until the challenge started. Perhaps it's time to continue sharing this way more. Thanks for the nudge.

  2. I like your class choices. I also want to learn to draw. Being able to pause and even remember the things we "want" to do is a hidden blessing of this time. Inspiring!

    1. Thanks! I'm enjoying them too. This time is a bit of a hidden blessing and I hope others, like our writing community, will grow sharing their new found or reacquaintance with making again. I hope you find a drawing class or videos you enjoy!