Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Online Grocery Ordering Win! A Poem

Ordering groceries
so far in advance is
new to my parents.
This shifted practice
is yet to become
a routine.

We plan meals
a week at a time,
trying to keep them,
out of stores

When we click our final submission,
they wonder,
"Will we get what we need?"
They're learning,
as I am too,
what we really need
to keep our fridge
and pantry stocked.

Our fingers crossed as
we drove to the store
this morning.
The car, quiet.

Upon arrival,
we dialed the number
and gave our family name.

A man, in his 20s,
pushed a cart
toward our car trunk.
We opened it.
He placed bags inside
and closed it.

We drove home,
put on gloves, and
brought the three bags inside.

Only a few items missing,
and as my dad said,
"We've got more than
enough right now."


  1. That is a win! I really like how you ended your poem with the lines, "We've got more than/enough right now." There is so much acceptance and gratitude in those words.

  2. Love, love, love this. We keep learning, no matter our age. One silver lining of this crisis is the way we are learning new things. I love your Dad's words - "We've got more than enough right now." Thanks for sharing!

  3. We haven’t used online grocery shopping yet, but we need to. My husband is 72, and he loves staying busy, and that means he’s perfectly willing to visit every store in town to get exactly what we need (think we need). I’ve never liked grocery shopping under the best circumstances. Yes, “We’ve got more than enough.” And that’s everything.